Living along the Atlantic coast means your home faces numerous challenges. Carpets in particular are vulnerable to the dirt, dust, and debris that is brought in every day by people and pets. This means frequent carpet cleaning combined with addressing other issues related to the seaside environment.

At Sunshine Carpets, we offer complete carpet cleaning services and so much more in the greater Port Saint Lucie area. Call today when you need professional cleaning services customized for your home.

This is a picture of Sunshine Carpet Cleaning performing excellent carpet cleaning Port St. Lucie.

Why Select a Professional Cleaning Company?

For everyday cleaning, you have the equipment and supplies to address the dirt, grime, and stains that appear on your carpets, upholstery, and more. Regular cleaning can keep your home looking fresh and clean for years to come.

Professional cleaning services are needed when the task goes beyond what the typical homeowner can perform. In addition to having access to the right equipment, a reputable professional cleaning company also offers years of experience in cleaning homes just like yours.

Plus, when you consider the time and effort carpet cleaning and other cleaning services require, a professional company will save you money over time. It is why you should consider hiring a professional, reputable cleaning service to meet your needs while staying within your budget.

Why Choose Sunset Carpet Cleaning in Port St. Lucie?

At Sunshine Carpets, we provide you with several cleaning services designed to meet the needs of your home while staying within your budget. Just some of the professional services we provide include the following:

Our carpet, upholstery and oriental rug cleaning help restore the appearance of your home back to the days when you first moved in. Our professionals offer years of experience in the cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and oriental rugs.

Whether you plan on selling your home or keeping it for generations to come, our dryer vent cleaning and tile & grout cleaning services are a must. Not only will the tile and grout in your home be restored to a like-new condition, but the danger of particles building up in your dryer vent will be addressed.

If your home has been flooded, whether by precipitation, a backed-up sewer line, a leaky water pipe, or other sources, we are here to help. Our water damage restoration services replace the materials damaged in your home to bring it back to its former state.

Plus, we can reduce the chances of mold growing inside your home, which otherwise would become a serious issue. It’s why so many choose our mold remediation services after a flooding event. We can help save your home from the damage mold can cause over time.

For those living in the greater Port Saint Lucie area, Sunshine Carpets is here for you. Our friendly, courteous staff will answer your call, listen to your needs, and customize our services for your situation. From professional carpet cleaning, which includes upholstery cleaning, and more to water damage restoration. Sunshine Carpets provides the best cleaning services at a low, competitive price.