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Water Damage Restoration

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Inc has two powerful truck mounted machines that are powerful enough to clean even the dirtiest carpet.

image of a Port St. Lucie home that has had water damage and needs water damage restoration

Did you know just one gallon of water can cause serious mold problems and water damage? When this unexpected disaster strikes, you can be assured that we can quickly return your home or business to its previous state.  With our large inventory of extraction and drying equipment, there is no job we can’t handle.

Our Process:

1. We extract as much water as possible using our powerful truck-mounted machine
2. We move and block furniture, so the furniture can get off the wet carpet and we can try to save your furniture
3. We apply an antimicrobial treatment to the damaged areas that will help slow down mold growth
4. We install air movers to dry your carpet, padding, and walls
5. We install dehumidifiers (if needed) to dry the walls, floors, etc.


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